About the Rhode Island Environmental Monitoring Collaborative

Established by RIGL § 46-31-9, the Rhode Island Environmental Monitoring Collaborative (RIEMC) is charged with developing and coordinating an environmental monitoring strategy that addresses critical state resource management needs. Its work includes identifying state monitoring priorities, establishing statewide environmental indicators, and specifying protocols to ensure consistent and useful data are delivered to resource managers, decision makers and the public. This in turn serves to provide the public and elected leaders with a deeper understanding of the status of Rhode Island’s environment and natural resources.

The Environmental Monitoring Collaborative is chaired by URI Coastal Institute, with the RI Department of Environmental Management and the Narragansett Bay Commission serving as vice-chairs.

To accomplish its mission, the RI EMC brings together stakeholders from executive agencies, university-based programs, non-governmental organizations, and others to enhance coordination and collaboration. The RIEMC provides information on its activities and serves as an update on the progress made in environmental monitoring, including:

  1. Provides a detailed summary of the 20 monitoring initiative s identified to date by the RIEMC as important to effective environmental management in Rhode Island.
  2. Highlights key environmental monitoring accomplishments and findings.
  3. Outlines ways in which the work of the RIEMC supports decisions related to preparation for climate change.
  4. Describes continued challenges that threaten the capacity to collect, analyze, and report monitoring data.